Excerpt from Ohio Right to Life 2015 Year-End Report

America is gearing up for election 2016, and unsurprisingly, Ohio is right in the thick of it. Throughout 2015, Ohio Right to Life has worked to keep our mission to protect and defend the innocent at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

This election cycle, the Ohio Right to Life Society weighed in on a critical ballot issue facing Ohio voters: Issue 3–the marijuana-legalization amendment to the Ohio Constitution.  Allowing unfettered access to marijuana during pregnancy, Issue 3 posed a significant harm to unborn human life. The initiative failed in a landslide (64% – 36%), proving once again that Ohio is a midwestern state with traditional values.

Simultaneously, Ohio Right to Life has kept a close watch on the race for President. In July, we were excited to watch as Ohio’s pro-life Governor John Kasich took the stage at The Ohio State University to announce his bid for the Presidency.

In August, we ventured to Cleveland where we watched ten stellar pro-life candidates discuss the Planned Parenthood scandal at the first GOP Debate hosted by Fox News and the Ohio Republican Party.

At National Right to Life’s Convention in New Orleans, we witnessed a Presidential Forum among the many candidates vying for the highest office in the nation. Ohio Right to Life Director of Communications Katie Franklin met Dr. Ben Carson, who we later met again at Dayton Right to Life’s Viva la Vita. In August, we co-hosted an event featuring pro-life Senator Marco Rubio.

November marked Ohio Right to Life’s Telephone Town Hall Annual Meeting at which Carly Fiorina was our keynote speaker.

As 2015 closes, we look towards a full year for our Political Action Committee as we push Ohio to swing pro-life and elect a President who respects the sanctity of every human life.

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