Dear Friends,

The May 8th primary election is in just a few days, and many of you asked why Ohio Right to Life chose to only endorse Mike DeWine for Governor. Allow me to proudly explain why I’ll be voting for Mike DeWine for Governor.
Mike DeWine has proved countless times throughout his career that he is a champion and defender of the unborn and their mothers. From sponsoring the Unborn Victims of Violence Act in the Senate, to defending Ohio’s pro-life laws in court as our Attorney General, Mike DeWine has been on the forefront of advancing and protecting the fundamental right to life in Ohio.

There is no other candidate running for governor who can come close to matching Mike DeWine’s slate of pro-life accomplishments. Ohio’s diverse pro-life movement is strong today because we get it right at the ballot box on Election Day! Voting for Mike DeWine on May 8th absolutely ensures that we can continue to save lives and build upon our momentum of the past seven years.

In the past two weeks, pro-life Attorney General Mike DeWine continued to defend Ohio’s law that defunds Planned Parenthood. He is on the front lines today holding the abortion industry accountable!  DeWine and his team successfully defended our pro-life laws in the Ohio Supreme Court which help shut down abortion mills.

Mike DeWine has a 100% pro-life voting record from National Right to Life, and a 0% voting record from NARAL. His pro-life values aren’t simply a talking point, they are his way of life.

I hope that you will take time to carefully consider who you vote for in this primary election. In the last seven years, 20 Ohio Right to Life initiatives have been enacted because of a pro-life governor and a pro-life legislature. It is crucial that we have pro-life champion Mike DeWine in the governor’s office so that we can continue this unprecedented progress!

With you for Life,

Mike Gonidakis
President, Ohio Right to Life