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Mike DeWine for Governor

Dear Friends, The May 8th primary election is in just a few days, and many of you asked why Ohio Right to Life chose to only endorse Mike DeWine for Governor. Allow me to proudly explain why I’ll be voting for Mike DeWine for Governor. Mike DeWine has proved countless...

1 million reasons you must VOTE TODAY

In the last 6 years, with pro-life leadership at the helm, Ohio has witnessed a whopping 25% reduction in abortions! Our pro-life leaders have enacted 17 pro-life laws, including our Late-term Abortion Ban and the de-funding of Planned Parenthood, and HALF of Ohio's...

Our 2016 Endorsements, Ballot Cards & Comparisons

It's almost here - Election Day 2016 is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8! If you haven't done so already, visit to make use of these 3 critical election tools:   At the top of the ticket, Donald Trump has made multiple promises to the pro-life...

Ted Strickland’s Betrayal of Ohio Taxpayers

On Tuesday, Ted Strickland’s campaign announced support for repealing the Hyde Amendment. While this may gain him points with the political elites of the Democratic Party, it won’t gain him points with average Americans. In a recent Marist poll, 62 percent of...

Elections Matter

This may be our mantra for the next five months until November comes, but it’s true. The people that we elect are our voice and make decisions on our behalf. That’s no less true for Election 2016.

Who are we voting for?

Today, we are just under one week away from the Ohio Primary Election! The question at the top of everyone’s mind is which way Ohio will swing in our pick for President of the United States.

Pro-life Ohio Eyes On 2016

America is gearing up for election 2016, and unsurprisingly, Ohio is right in the thick of it. Throughout 2015, Ohio Right to Life has worked to keep our mission to protect and defend the innocent at the forefront of everyone’s mind.